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Danny Clark
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I'm an inquirer at Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church (OCA) with Fr. Robert in Maynard, MA, US. I've also been active in digital rights work, for example with One Laptop Per Child and the Free Software Foundation, and am used to editing (and administering) MediaWikis. Currently I'm with Mary Jo's Daycare, looking after infants and toddlers.

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I'm at (Romans ~ Matthew ~ 1 Corinthians) John ~ Ephesians ~ Matthew - Romans ~ John ~ Matthew ~ John :-)


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Why aren't there newer Hymn anthologies?

apsalterrifle33Yesterday at 6:27 PM
In most cases, yes, but at least in the 1900s it seems like no one has tranlated that 4-5000 pages of material from mostly Greek to English. Is that what has changed?
@Dclark Jordanville, HOTCA, and the Old Ritualists under ROCOR have translated a ton of the books already into English.
So most of the liturgical books are already in English in their entirety, and not in anthology form like those 4 hymnals you posted.
DclarkYesterday at 6:28 PM
Ah okay, I think that's the big thing I've been missing; anthologies are no longer needed as complete translations are available.
apsalterrifle33Yesterday at 6:28 PM
Yes, the anthologies are no longer needed
DclarkYesterday at 6:28 PM
Although it's still useful from the POV that the 1900s books are out of copywrite, so I can stick selecfted hymns up on OrthodoxWiki :slight_smile:
Thanks so, so much!

And also:

Shira117Yesterday at 6:16 PM
@Dclark You mean hymns other than the standard liturgical propers like the antiphons, kontakia, koinonika, apolytikia, exapostilaria, prokeimena, troparia, etc.?

... and Horologion