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'''Antidoron''' (from Greek, meaning "instead of the gifts"; in Arabic, '''''qurban''''') is the remaining bread from a loaf of [[prosphora]] after the Lamb has been removed for the Holy [[Eucharist]]. In Byzantine practice, it is blessed during the [[megalynarion]] to the [[Theotokos]] immediately after the [[epiclesis]] in the [[Divine Liturgy]] and is given by the [[priest]] to the [[faithful]] after the service. Historically, it was distributed only to those who had not received 'the Gifts', [[Holy Communion]] so that they would receive a Blessing in place of [[Holy Communion]] but this practice has changed over time and all those present at the [[Divine Liturgy]] receive [[Antidoron]] as a blessing.
In some practice, antidoron may be distributed to non-Orthodox Christians who attend an Orthodox liturgy, but in other places, it is reserved only for the faithful. Portions that are uneaten are disposed of either by burning or by being placed outside where they are consumed by the elements or by animals.

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