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In 1986, a delegation from St. Verena's Church in Switzerland brought to Egypt a part of St. Verena's [[relics]]. The first [[Coptic]] church consecrated in the name of St. Verena is St. Maurice and St. Verena's Church in Cairo, which was consecrated by HH [[Pope]] [[Shenouda III (Gayyid) of Alexandria|Shenouda III]] on [[February 22]], 1994. In October of 2004, a delegation from St. Verena's (Saint Mary & Saint Verena's) Church in Anaheim, California, along with Bp. Serapion of Los Angeles and Fr. Joseph Boules, traveled to Switzerland to bring a part of Saint Verena's relics to Anaheim. Her church in Anaheim now has a museum dedicated to her relics and artifacts.
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* [[Maurice]]

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