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The current location of the Monastery is a 3-Story Mansion, built in 1881 in Brookline, Massachusetts. The adjoining coach house has been converted to cells to accommodate the monks. The Monastery property is mostly wooded, and is about 19 acres. Some land is set aside for the keeping of goats, which provide milk and cheese for the monks.
Amidst various moral accusations, the monastery left ROCOR, accusing it of modernism and ecumenism, and went into various Greek [[Old Calendarist]] jurisdictions and, finally, into being the principal monastery for the schismatic [[Holy Orthodox Church of in North America]].
*[ The Holy Orthodox Church of North America, and the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston]
*The [[Holy Orthodox Church in North America]]
*[ Sex Scandal at Monastery in Brookline], "The National Herald," November 29, 2012.
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