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Church of Georgia

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The '''Church of Georgia''' is one of the oldest Christian churches, tracing its origins in tradition to the [[missionary]] efforts of the [[Apostle Andrew]] in the first century. Historically, adoption of Christianity by the kingdom of Georgia (Iberia) is traced to the missionary efforts of St. [[Nino of Cappadocia]] beginning in early fourth century. Initially, the Georgian [[church]] was part of the territory of the [[Patriarchate of Antioch]]. The church was granted [[autocephaly]] by the Patriarch of Antioch in 466. While seriously disrupted by the invasions of the various tartar Tartar tribes in the 13 13th and 15th centuries , the autocephalous church survived until it was placed under the administration of the synodal [[Church of Russia]] in 1811. After the abdication of Czar [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II]] following the 1917 February Revolutionof 1917, the Georgian [[hierarch]]s restored the church's autocephaly that , which was eventually recognized by the [[Church of Constantinople]] and the [[Church of Russia]].

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