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==Miaphysite churches==
As stated, the Churches of the [[Oriental Orthodox]] Communion, while sometimes called monophysite, vehemently reject that label. These include the [[Armenian Apostolic Church]], the [[Syrian Orthodox Church]], the [[Indian Orthodox Church]], the [[Coptic Christianity|Coptic Orthodox Church]] (including the British Orthodox Church which is under the Patriarch of Alexandria), the [[Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church]] (''tewahido'' is a Ge'ez word meaning 'being made one') and the newly [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] [[Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church|Eritrean Orthodox Church]].
One or more of the [[Independent Catholic Churches]], while not being in full communion with the above Churches for various reasons, also embrace this Christology. These include the [[Antiochian Catholic Church in America]]. In recent theological discourses, some [[Old Catholic Church|Old-Catholic]] and [[Anglicanism|Anglican]] theologians have begun to embrace this Christology as being consistent with, though different from, the Chalcedon formulation.

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