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Theodosius II

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Theodosius’ sister Pulcheria, a devout Christian, maintained a court with an austere atmosphere. Under her influence Theodosius and his wife Aelia Eudoxia became devout Christians. While seemingly indifferent to [[Arianism]] practiced by the German tribes, Pulcheria stood firm against the heretical teachings of [[Nestorius]]. Whenever Theodosius wavered toward supporting Nestorius, who was the Patriarch of Constantinople, Pulcheria, who supported [[Cyril of Alexandria]], would assert her influence over her brother steering him away from Nestorianism. The controversies eventually led to the [[Second Ecumenical Council|Council of Ephesus]] in 431.
In 441, Theodosius, under the influence of the eunuch Chrysaphius, was convinced to dismiss his sister. Theodosius then began to support the [[Monophysitism|Monophysite]] [[heresy]] that was promoted by the [[archimandrite]] Eutyches and Dioscorus. Dioscorus was the patriarch of Alexandria and successor to Cyril. Eutyches’ views were validated by the 'Robber Council' of 449. On [[July 28]], 450, Theodosius died when he was thrown from his horse while crossing the River Lycus, severely injuring his spine. The new emperor [[Marcian ]] returned, with Pulcheria as his wife, and convened the [[Third Ecumenical Council|Council of Chalcedon]] in 351 which found Monophysitism to be heretical.
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