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Voronet Monastery (Bucovina, Romania)

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'''VoroneţVoronet''' is a [[monastery]] for women built by the [[w:Voievod|Voievod]] of Moldova, St. [[Stephen the Great]], in 1488. Its building took three months and 21 days to complete. It is one of the famous "Painted Monasteries of Bucovina" (all these monasteries are frescoed on the outside as well as internally) and is situated within a short distance of the town of Gura Humorului.
The monastery was built to fulfill a promise to Stephen's spiritual father and adviser, St. [[Daniel the Hermit]], who had lived in a cell in the area, after a victory in battle over the Ottoman Turks. Upon his death, St. Daniel was buried in the monastery [[church]] (with the exception of his right index finger, which was encased in silver and sent to [[Putna Monastery (Bucovina, Romania)|Putna Monastery]]).

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