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::I am glad that this is expanding. Did you read [[OrthodoxWiki:Localization]]? It contains some of what needs to be done to port the OrthodoxWiki project into other languages. The way I think it works is that Fr. John will set up a site named ''<xx>'' with the ''<xx>'' being two letters that stand for Italian. It will be there that you will post in Italian. It will be its own site, but have an affiliate relationship with this site. Since it is its own site, I believe it will take a lot of effort to create and maintain a new OrthodoxWiki site in Italian (something like Good luck. I see that you already contacted Fr. John, is he setting up a site for Italian now?
::: Yes, thank you for this information, now I understand better.
I look happy to open the site in Italian by Fr John, I hope this will happen soon so I can write.
Thanks for your help, I look forward to more news.
Do not insert anything here to avoid errors, but only on Italian site after I post there, I contacted for this fr John and I hope he'll see.
Best wishes from me and from Italy!
Your sister in Christ Nives

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