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Timeline of Church History

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Modern era (1821-present)
*1898 Last Greek patriarch of [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]] deposed.
*1899 Restoration of Arabs to the [[Church of Antioch|Patriarchal throne of Antioch]].
*1908 Fr Nikodemos Sarikas sent to Johannesburg, Transvaal, by the Ecumenical Patriarchate as the first Orthodox priest there. After a short time he left for German East Africa (later Tanzania) because of the opposition of Johannesburg Greeks to mission among Africans.
*1917 [[Church of Georgia]]'s [[autocephaly]] restored ''de facto'' by the political chaos in Russia.
*1918 The Bolshevik Revolution throws the [[Church of Russia]] into chaos, effectively stranding the fledgling Orthodox mission in America; St. [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas Romanov]], Tsar of Russia is martyred together with his wife St. [[Alexandra Romanov|Alexandra]] and children.
*c1921 The [[Church of Constantinople]] renounces all claims to jurisdiction in any part of Africa, and the Patriarch of Alexandria is henceforth known as the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa [[Church of Alexandria]].
*1922 [[Church of Albania]] declares its [[autocephaly|independence]] from the [[Church of Constantinople]].
*1923 [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]] granted [[autonomy]] by the [[Church of Constantinople]].
*1924 [[Church of Constantinople]] recognizes the [[autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Poland]].
*1924 Bishop Daniel William Alexander convenes a meeting in Kimberley, South Africa, which decides to secede from the African Church (a Protestant denomination) and affiliate with the African Orthodox Church in New York under George McGuire.
*1925 [[Church of Romania]] becomes a [[patriarchate]].
*1925 First Africans in sub-Saharan Africa baptised in Tanganyika by Fr Nikodemos Sarikas.
*1927 Daniel William Alexander travels from South Africa to America to be consecrated a bishop of the African Orthodox Church. Orthodox Archbishopric of Johannesburg established.
*1932 Daniel William Alexander travels to Uganda to meet Reuben Spartas, and establish African Orthodox Church there.
*1934 Daniel William Alexander travels to Kenya, and establishes African Orthodox Church led by Arthur Gathuna.
*1937 [[Church of Constantinople]] recognizes the [[autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Albania]].
*1938 [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)]] and [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)]] founded.
*1943 [[Church of Russia]] recognizes the [[autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Georgia]].
*1943 First constitution of the African Orthodox Church in East Africa signed by Reuben Spartas and Arthur Gathuna.
*1945 [[Church of Bulgaria]]'s [[autocephaly]] generally recognized; library of early Christian texts is discovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt; Soviet Union annexes Czechoslovakia; [[Church of Russia]] claims jurisdiction over the [[Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia]].
*1946 Reuben Spartas of the African Orthodox Church visits Alexandria. The Holy Synod of the [[Church of Alexandria]] officially recognises and accepts the African Greek Orthodox Church in Kenya and Uganda.
*1947 [[Dead Sea Scrolls]] are discovered near Qumran in Egypt.
*1948 [[Church of Russia]] re-grants [[autocephaly]] to the [[Church of Poland]] (after having revoked it in the aftermath of World War II).

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