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Timeline of Church History

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Post-Imperial era (1453-1821)
*1455 Gutenberg makes the first printed [[Bible]].
*1480 Spanish Inquisition.
*1517 Martin Luther nails his ''Ninety-Five Theses'' to the door at Wittenburg, sparking the Protestant Reformation; Ottomans conquer Jerusalem , Antioch and AntiochAlexandria, when Joakim the Athenian was Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria.
*1534 King Henry VIII declares himself supreme head of the Church of England.
*1547 Council of Trent held to answer the Protestant Reformation.
*1589 [[Autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Russia]] recognized; the [[primate]] of the [[Church of Russia]] is styled as "[[patriarch]]."
*1596 At the [[Union of Brest-Litovsk]], several million Ukrainian and Byelorussian Orthodox Christians, living under Polish rule, leave the [[Church of Russia]] and recognize the Pope of Rome, without giving up their Byzantine liturgy and customs, creating the [[Uniate]] church.
*1627 Pope and Patriarch Cyril Lukaris of Alexandria presented the famous "Codex Alexandrinus" to King Charles I of England for "safe keeping".
*1642 The [[Council of Jassy]] (Iaşi) revises [[Peter Moghila]]'s confession to remove overtly Roman Catholic theology. Also confirms the canonicity of certain of the deuterocanonical books.
*1652-1658 Patriarch [[Nikon of Moscow]] revises liturgical books to bring them into conformity with the Greek liturgical customes, leading to the excommunication of dissenters, who become known as the [[Old Believers]].
*1647 An Orthodox Church is erected in Tunisia.
*1652 A school and hospital were established in Old Cairo by Patriarch Joannikios.
*1685 Orthodoxy introduced in Beijing, China by the [[Church of Russia]].
*1715 Metropolitan Arsenios of Thebaid sent to England by Pope and Patriarch Samuel of Alexandria to negotiate with non-juror Anglican bishops (those who had refused to take the oath to William and Mary).
*1724 [[Melkite Greek Catholic Church|Melkite]] schism, many faithful from the [[Church of Antioch]] become [[Uniate]]s.
*1767 A community of Orthodox Greeks establishes itself in New Smyrna, Florida.

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