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Timeline of Church History

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Byzantine era (451-843)
==Byzantine era (451-843)==
*451 [[Fourth Ecumenical Council]] meets at Chalcedon, condemning [[Eutychianism]] and [[Monophysitism]], affirming that Christ has two natures; this eventually led to a huge [[schism]] occurs, with the entire [[Church of Alexandria]] breaking from the rest of the Churchbeing divided into Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian factions, bringing large portions of with a similar schism occurring in the [[Church of Antioch]] along with it.*452 Proterios, who was appointed Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria to replace Dioscuros (who had been deposed at the Council of Chalcedon) convened a synod in Alexandria to try to reconcile the Chalcedonian and non-Chalcedonian groups.
*466 [[Church of Antioch]] elevates the bishop of Mtskheta to the rank of Catholicos of Kartli, thus rendering the [[Church of Georgia]] [[autocephaly|autocephalous]].
*477 Bishop Timothy ("the Wild Cat") of Alexandria, who opposed the Council of Chalcedon, exiled the Orthodox bishops from Egypt.
*484 Founding of the Monastery of St. Sabbas in the Judean wilderness; Synod of Beth Papat in Persia declares the [[Nestorianism|Nestorian doctrine]] as the official theology of the [[Assyrian Church of the East]], centered in Edessa.
*490 St. [[Brigid of Kildaire|Brigid]] founds the monastery of Kildare in Ireland.
*521 St. [[Columba of Iona|Columba]] is born.
*529 St. [[Benedict of Nursia]] founds the monastery of Monte Cassino and codifies Western [[monasticism]]; [[Council of Orange]] condemns [[Pelagianism]].
*533 Mercurius is elected Pope of Rome and takes the name of [[John II of Rome|John II]], the first pope to change his name upon election.
*533 Foundation of the Diocese of Selefkia in Central Africa by the Emperor Justinian.
*534 Roman Empire destroys the Arian kingdom of the Vandals.
*537 Construction of [[Hagia Sophia (Constantinople)|Hagia Sophia]] in Constantinople begun by Emperor St. [[Justinian the Great]].
*556 St. [[Columba of Iona|Columba]] founds the monastery of Durrow in Ireland.
*563 Consecration of [[Hagia Sophia (Constantniople)|Hagia Sophia]] in Constantinople; St. [[Columba of Iona|Columba]] arrives on [[Iona]] and establishes his [[monastery]] there.
*569 Final schism between the Chalcedonians and non-Chalcedonians in Egypt. Henceforth there were two Popes and Patriarchs of Alexandria: the Greek Orthodox Patriarch and the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch. The Coptic Patriarch later moved to Cairo. The Chalcedonians (Greek Orthodox) were also called "Melkites".
*570 Birth of Mohammed, founder of [[Islam]].
*580 Monte Cassino is sacked by the Lombards and the monks flee to Rome.
*638 Arabs allow Jews to return to Jerusalem.
*639 Muslim conquest of Syria.
*641 The capture of the great city of Alexandria by Muslim Arabs.
*642 Muslim conquest of Egypt.
*650 Final defeat of [[Arianism]] as Lombards convert to Orthodox Christianity.

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