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Timeline of Church History

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Post-Imperial era (1453-1821)
*1534 King Henry VIII declares himself supreme head of the Church of England.
*1547 Council of Trent held to answer the Protestant Reformation.
*1575 [[Church of Constantinople]] grants [[autonomy]] to [[Church of Sinai]].
*1582 Institution of the Gregorian Calendar by Pope Gregory XIII.
*1589 [[Autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Russia]] recognized; the [[primate]] of the [[Church of Russia]] is styled as "[[patriarch]]."
*1767 A community of Orthodox Greeks establishes itself in New Smyrna, Florida.
*1768 Jews are massacred during riots in Russia-occupied Poland.
*1782 First publication of the ''[[Philokalia]]''; [[autonomy]] of [[Church of Sinai]] confirmed by [[Church of Constantinople]].
*1794 Missionaries, including St. [[Herman of Alaska]], arrive at Kodiak Island, bringing Orthodoxy to Russian Alaska.
*1811 [[Autocephaly]] of the [[Church of Georgia]] revoked by the Russian imperial state after Georgia's annexation, making it subject to the [[Church of Russia]].
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