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Infant baptism

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The validity of the '''baptism of infants ''' is often doubted by many protestants. This is largely derived from the theology of the Anabaptists, a group that rose out of the [[Radical Reformation]]. The [[Schleitheim Confession]], an early Swiss Anabaptist creed that was written in 1527, is quoted as saying:
"Baptism shall be given to all those who have learned repentance and amendment of life, and who believe truly that their sins are taken away by Christ, and to all those who walk in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and wish to be buried with Him in death, so that they may be resurrected with Him and to all those who with this significance request it (baptism) of us and demand it for themselves. This excludes all infant baptism, the highest and chief abomination of the Pope."

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