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Patapius of Thebes

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[[Image:Patapius.jpg|thumbnail|right|Icon of St. Patapios the Righteous of Thebes (taken from [ Analogion])]]
[[Image:the monastery of saint Patapios.jpg|Leftframe|thumb|250pxRight|the monastery of saint Patapios]][[Image:nun patapia.jpg|frame|Right|Sister Patapia(October 2010)]][[Image:Bishop of Korinth.jpg|Leftframe|frameRight|the The bishop of Korinth Corinth, His Relevence Mr Dionysius, at saint Patapios ' nunnery(28 April 2009)]]
Our venerable and God-bearing father '''Patapius of Thebes''' was born in Thebes of Egypt and lived in the Kemetian desert sometime during the 3rd century. His holy relics have been found incorrupt and can be venerated to this present day. St. Patapius in the Syriac church is venerated as a [[patron saint]] of people who have dropsy. The Church celebrates his memory [[December 8]].

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