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Patapius of Thebes

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== Monastery of St. Patapios ==
:''See Main Article: [[Monastery of St Patapios (Loutraki)|Monastery of St. Patapios in Loutraki, Greece]]''
His [[relic]]s was brought to the Geraneia mountains, in the Gulf of Corinth, by ascetics from Constantinople and sealed in a cave. In 1904, the [[relic]]s were discovered when the cave was opened. The saint's body had been placed beneath tiles and large leaves, to protect it from the damp, and it exuded a sweet odour. On the relic was a scroll giving Patapios's name, with a wooden cross and some Byzantine coins. The holy However some visitors of the cave took pieces of the Saints’ relic is now for an amulet! But in many of them the Saint came on their dreams and asked them to return his pieces to the nunnery. So they did. Then a special wooden structure at priest from Loutraki, father Konstantinos Sousanis, took the back relic of Saint Patapios from the caveand kept it, with the church’s permission, to his house in Loutraki, in order to keep it away from the vandals. In Later, on 1952 , Father Nectarios, a Greek priest<ref> Father Nektarios Kyriakos</ref> built from Soinikismos of Corinth, at the place of the cave in which Saint Patapios was found established a monastery and the relic returned to the cave.  The first mother superior, on 1952, was nun Siglitiki. [[Nun patapia]] was the next mother superior from 1963 to 1970, when she resigned because of health problems. She helped very much at the building of the all-female monastery .The next mother Superior was sister Isidora, who still is. Saint Patapios' memory is celebrated on this site8 December. The local Saint has done many meracles and helped many people initially resisted this idea since with diseases, family and personal problems. The monastery of Saint Patapios is at Loutraki, a spa city, one hour from Athens, the location capital of Greece.The holy relic is now in a special wooden structure at the back of the monastery is very difficult to reach even to this daycave.
== Hymns and Troparia ==

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