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Gabriel (Saliby) of Western Europe

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Metropolitan '''Gabriel (Saliby)''' (1923 - 2007) is was the former [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Western and Central Europe|Metropolitan of Western and Central Europe]] in the [[Church of Antioch|Patriarchate of Antioch]]from 1980 to 2007. He was succeeded as Metropolitan in 2008 by [[John (Yazigi) of Western Europe|Sayedna Metr. John (Yazigi)]].
==Life==Metr. Gabriel was born in Lebanon in 1923 and received his theological education in Russia. On [[August 5]], 1966, he was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] assistant [[bishop]] to Metr. Elias of Beirut. Bishop Gabriel was a fluent speaker of a number of languages including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. In 1980, the Church of Antioch established a [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Western and Central Europe|Vicariate of Western Europe]] to which Bp. Gabriel was appointed to lead. In 1982, he moved to Paris, France as the bishop of the new [[diocese]]. Under his leadership the vicariate grew to comprise 23 [[parish]]es that included two parishes in France, ten in Great Britain, nine in Germany, and one each in Switzerland and Austria. In addition a [[monasticism|monastic]] community of eighteen nuns was established in the south of France. In 1998, Bp. Gabriel was awarded the "Legion of Honour" by the nation of French in recognition of his contribution to French society. In the Autumn of 2000 the [[Holy Synod]] of Antioch elevated the Vicariate for Western Europe to the status of a metropolitan [[see]]. Paralleling the change in the status to a Metropolis, Bp. Gabriel was elevated to the dignity of [[Archbishop]]. Metr. Gabriel reposed on [[October 20]], 2007. His funeral took place at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Paris. Burial was at Montparnassie Cemetery. {{stubstart box}}{{succession|before=&mdash;|title=Metropolitan of Western Europe <br>(Anitochian)|years=1980-2007|after=[[John (Yazigi) of Western Europe||John (Yazigi)]]}}{{end box}}  ==Sources==*[ ORI: Metropolitan Gabriel (Saliby) of Western Europe]*[ Metropolitan Gabriel - Memory Eternal!] [[Category: Bishops]]

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