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Jean-Claude Larchet

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[[Image:Dr JC Larchet and Abp Ieronymos II2014.jpg|right|thumb|Archbishop [[Ieronymos II (Liapis) of Athens|Ieronymos II]] and Dr. Jean-Claude Larchet, April 8, 2009.(2014)]]Dr. '''Jean-Claude Larchet''' is a French Orthodox researcher who is one of the most important and interesting foremost Orthodox scholars writing today. Born in 1949, Dr. Larchet holds doctorates in philosophy (1987) and theology (1994). He is one of the very few contemporary authors who is able seamlessly to combine rigorous scholarship with a vibrant sense of the inner life of the Church. Dr. Larchet converted to the [[Orthodox ChurchPatristics]] from the [[Roman Catholic Church]] at the age of 21.<ref>Fr. Felix Culpa. ''[ Jean-Claude Larchet].'' '''ORA ET LABORA'''. May 10, 2009scholars writing today.</ref>
==Authorship==The author Born in northeastern France in 1949 of [http://wwwa Roman Catholic family, Larchet earned a Ph.editionsducerfD in philosophy from the University of Nancy (1987) and a in theology from the University of Strasbourg (1994).asp?n_aut=553 fifteen booksIt was during his studies in philosophy that his reading of the Greek Fathers and their Orthodox commentators (especially [[Vladimir Lossky]]) led him to the Orthodox Church, where he was received in 1971 by the hieromonk who would be his three volumes on St spiritual father, the elder [[Maximos Serge Chévitch]] (1904-1987), who was also the Confessorspiritual father of the theologian Vladimir Lossky, the philosopher [[Nikolai Berdyaev]] – '', and the monk iconographer [[httpGregory (Krug)]].  From 1973 to 1979 he met, seeking spiritual guidance and advise, some of the best-known spiritual leaders of that era:// La Divinisation de l'homme selon saint Maxime le Confesseur[[Archimandrite]]'' (1996now Saint)[[Justin Popovich]], ''Archimandrite [[ Maxime le ConfesseurSophrony (Sakharov)]] and, in two long stays at Mount Athos, médiateur entre l'Orient et l'Occidentthe followers of Elder [[Joseph the Hesychast]]'' - the Elder Ephrem of [[Katounakia Fathers (1998Athos)|Katounakia]], and ''the Elder [[ Saint Maxime le ConfesseurEphraim (Moraitis) of Philotheou]]'' (2003now in Arizona) – are widely acknowledged as among , the best studies Elder [[Charalampos (Dionysiates)]] - especially the Elder (now Saint) [[Paisios (Eznepidis)]] with whom he had long talks and whose support remains of this great saint and theologian published in any languageimportance to Larchet.
'''Series on Illness and Healing'''<br>Equally remarkable is his three-part series on illness and healing in the Patristic tradition: ''[ Théologie de la maladie]'' (1991), ''[ Thérapeutique des maladies mentales]'' (1992), and ''[ Thérapeutique des maladies spirituelles]'' (1997). The first two volumes have appeared in English translation under the titles ''[ The Theology of Illness]'' (2002) and ''[ Mental Disorders and Spiritual Healing]'' (2005). Unfortunately, the third volume – the masterpiece of the trilogynow retired, and the heftiest (864 pages in French) – has not yet appeared in Englishbeen teaching philosophy for 35 years, although and as a short excerpt patrologist and theologian has appeared lectured in Divine Ascent (No 11many countries, including Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Lent 2008)USA.
The third volume He is one of Dr. Larchet's trilogy – ''The Therapy the very few contemporary authors who is able seamlessly to combine rigorous scholarship with a vibrant sense of Spiritual Illness'' - has been released in Greek translation under the title: ''[ Η θεραπευτική των πνευματικών νοσημάτων - Εισαγωγή στην ασκητική παράδοση της Ορθοδόξου Εκκλησίας]'' by [[Apostoliki Diakonia]], the official imprint inner life of the [[Church of Greece]]. The Greek edition (in two volumes) was officially released at a major function held in Athens His prolific writings on Wednesday, April 7, 2009, attended by over 200 people, including several hierarchs, many clergy, and representatives of the [ Theology Faculty spirituality of the University of Athens]. The event was opened by Metropolitan Damaskinos, a member of the Holy Synod, who read a letter of greeting from the Primate of the Church of Greece, Archbishop [[Ieronymos II (Liapis) of AthensChurch Fathers|Ieronymos II Fathers of Athens and All Greecethe Church]]. Further remarks were offered by Bishop Agathangelos, general editor of [[Apostoliki Diakonia]]; Metropolitan [[Hierotheos and on Orthodox theology (Vlachos) of Nafpaktos|Hierotheos of Nafpaktos]]32 books, who is well known for his own works written in a similar vein; Hieromonk Damianos of Mt Athos150 articles, who is trained both as a doctor and a theologian; Stylianos Papadopoulos, professor emeritus of patrology at the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens; and, finally, the author himself, who expressed his gratitude to the translators and publishers of his work. On the following day Dr. Larchet was interviewed for the Church of Greece's radio station and received by His Beatitude, Archbishop Ieronymosmore than 700 reviews) have been translated into no less than 19 languages.
According to Dr==Authorship=====Books translated in english===* ''[ com/Theology-Illness-Jean-Claude-Larchet an English translation /dp/0881412392/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1241808962&sr=8-1 The Theology of Illness]'' (2002) * ''[ Mental Disorders and Spiritual Healing]''The (2005). * ''[ Therapy of Spiritual IllnessIllnesses]'' (2012)* ''[ Life after death according to the Orthodox Tradition]'' (2012, 2nd edition 2021)* ''[ Elder Sergei of Vanves: Life and Teachings]'' (2012)* ''[ Theology of the Body]'' (2017)* '' is forthcoming from [ The New Media Epidemic. The Undermining of Society, Family, and Our Own Soul]'' (2019)* ''[ Alexander PressSpiritual-Unconscious-Jean-Claude-Larchet/dp/1896800556 The Spiritual Unconscious]'' (2020)* ''[ The Spiritual Roots of the Ecological Crisis]'' (2022)===Books in French=======Anthropology====* Thérapeutique des maladies spirituelles (1991, 6th edition 2013) ISBN 2204055301* Théologie de la maladie (1991, 4th edition 2017) ISBN 2204042900* Thérapeutique des maladies mentales. L’expérience de l’Orient chrétien des premiers siècles (1992, 4th edition 2017) ISBN 2204045187* Dieu ne veut pas la souffrance des hommes (1999, 2nd edition 2008) ISBN 2204086029* La Vie après la mort selon la Tradition orthodoxe (2001, 2nd edition 2008) ISBN 220406713X* Le Chrétien devant la maladie, la souffrance et la mort (2002) ISBN 2204070947* L’Inconscient spirituel (2005) ISBN 2204077879* Théologie du corps (2009) ISBN 2204090026* Malades des nouveaux médias (2016) ISBN 2204114868* Petite théologie pour les temps de pandémie (2020) ISBN 2940628815====Bioethics====* Pour une éthique de la procréation. Éléments d’anthropologie patristique (1998) ISBN 2204058580* Une fin paisible, sans douleur, sans honte... (2010) ISBN 2204091278====Spirituality====* Variations sur la charité (2007) ISBN 2204084751====Dogmatics====* Théologie des énergies divines (2010) ISBN 2204090085* Personne et nature (2011) ISBN 2204096237====Iconology====* L’Iconographe et l’artiste (2008) ISBN 220408476X====Byzantine Fathers====• La Vie et l’œuvre théologique de Grégoire II de Chypre (1241-1290), patriarche de Constantinople (2012) ISBN 2204097152• Introduction to Grégoire Palamas, Traités démonstratifs sur la procession du Saint-Esprit (2017) ISBN 2204116831His three volumes on St Maximos the Confessor are widely acknowledged as among the best studies of this great saint and theologian published in any language: * La Divinisation de l’homme selon saint Maxime le Confesseur (1996) ISBN 2204052493* Maxime le Confesseur, médiateur entre l’Orient et l’Occident (1998) ISBN 2204059498* Saint Maxime le Confesseur (580-662) (2003)ISBN 2204071560====Modern Saints, Elders and Theologians====* Saint Silouane de l’Athos (2001, 2nd edition 2004) ISBN 2204065439* Le Starets Serge (2004) ISBN 2204076244* Le Patriarche Paul de Serbie. Un saint de notre temps (2014) ISBN 282514423X* Saint Gabriel, fol-en-Christ de Géorgie (2015) ISBN 2825145505* "En suivant les Pères..." La vie et l'œuvre du Père Georges Florovsky (2019) ISBN 2940628432* Mont Athos.Carnets 1974-2001 (2022) ISBN 2940701075====Ecclesiology====* L’Église, corps du Christ, I, Nature et structure (2012) ISBN 2204096245* L’Église, corps du Christ, II, Les relations entre les Églises (2012) ISBN 2204097721* La Vie sacramentelle (2014) ISBN 2204102822* La Vie liturgique (2016) ISBN 2204106208====Ecology====* Les fondements spirituels de la crise écologique (2018) ISBN 2940523894* Les animaux dans la spiritualité orthodoxe (2018) ISBN 294052386X
===Articlesin english===
* ''[ On the Love of Enemies: The Teaching of St. Silouan].'' '''In Communion'''. (''Posted Sunday, October 24th, 2004'')
* ''[ But I say to you: Love your Enemies].''
* ''[ The Question of the Roman Primacy in the Thought of Saint Maximus the Confessor].'' In: Cardinal Walter Kasper. '''The Petrine Ministry: Catholics and Orthodox in Dialogue: Academic Symposium Held at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity'''. The Newman Press, 2006. pp.188-209.
• ''[ Patristic Views on the Nature and Status or Scientific Knowledge].''
• ''[ The Prophetic Role of Mount Athos in the Contemporary World].''
==See also==
* [[Patristics]]
* [ Jean-Claude Larchet]. ''ORA ET LABORA''. Friday, May 8, 2009.
* [ Wikipedia: Jean-Claude Larchet]* [ Jean-Claude Larchet]
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