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'''Sudan''', officially the '''Republic of Sudan''', is a country in the north central part of Africa, just south of Egypt, that was influenced in antiquity by Egypt and later by the Roman empire. Sudan has known Christianity from the early centuries after Christ. Christianity reached Nubia, now northern Sudan, during the second century after Christ.
During the period of the Eastern Roman Empire Christian influence increased greatly under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Patriarch]]/[[Pope]] of Alexanderia. <ref>[ Christianity in Nubia]</ref> Roman emperor [[Justinian I]] Nubia became a stronghold of Christianity.<ref>[ Christian Nubia and the Eastern Roman Empire]</ref> This influence is reflected in the Eastern Roman/Byzantine architecture of most of the Christian churches in lower Nubia <ref>[,+David+Randall-MacIver&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false Photos of Christian Nubia churches]</ref> By 580, Christianity had become the official religion of northern Sudan, centered around the Faras [[cathedral]].

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