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List of parishes in New South Wales

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Newcastle: 2 Russian churches in Newcastle have reunited
*Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Apostles, Hamilton. Rector: Rev Fr Nicholas Skordilis. Language: Greek.
*Serbian Orthodox Church of Sveti Naum Ohridski, Broawmeadow. Church does not have a permanent priest. Language: Slavonic.
*Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas (ROCOR), Wallsend. Revd Father James Carles. LanguageRector: Slavonic, English*Russian Orthodox Church of the Theophany (Moscow), Mayfield West. Rector Fr Alexander. Language: Slavonic and English.
*Australian Orthodox Mission (Antiochian), Mayfield. Language: English
*Romanian Orthodox Community of St Andrew. Rector: Rev. Dr Doru Costache. Language: Romanian. (A branch of St Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church, Sydney)

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