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Gregory the Theologian

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[[Image:Gregory the Theologian.jpg|right|thumb|St. Gregory the Theologian]]
Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Gregory the Theologian''', also known as '''Gregory of Nazianzus''' (though that name more appropriately refers to his father) and '''Gregory the Younger''', was a great father and teacher of the Church. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[January 25]] and that of the [[Translation (relics)|translation ]] of his [[relics]] on [[January 19]]. With Sts. [[Basil the Great]] and [[John Chrysostom]], he is numbered among the [[Three Holy Hierarchs]], whose feast day is celebrated on [[January 30]]. St. Gregory is also known as one of the [[Cappadocian Fathers]].
== Source ==
*[ Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople] ([[GOARCH]])
==Modern Bibliography==
* Holy Apostles Convent, ''The Lives of the Three Great Hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom'' (Holy Apostles Convent Pubns, 2001) (ISBN 0944359116)
==External links==
*[ St Gregory the Theologian the Archbishop of Constantinople] ([[OCA]])
*[ St Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople] (''[[Prologue of Ohrid]]'')
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