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Athanasius Parios

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[[Image:Athanasios parios.jpg|right|thumb|200px|St. Athanasius Parios]]
Our venerable and God-bearing Father '''Athanasius Parios''', known as "Master of the Greek Nation," was a [[hieromonk]] who was an eminent [[Theologian|theologian]], philosopher, educator, and hymnographer of the eighteenth century. He was the second leader of the [[Kollyvades Movement|Kollyvades movement]], succeeding [[Neophytos Kausokalyvites]] (1713-1784). He also wrote the [[hagiography|lives]] of a number of [[saint]]s. He is commemorated by the Church on [[June 24]].
*1787 - ''Rhetoric Pragmatics'' and ''Metaphysics''
*1802 - ''A Response to the Irrational Zeal of the Philosophers Coming from Europe''
*1806 - ''Epitome'', a theology textbook, which was a collaboration with [[Macarius Notaras of Corinth|Makarius of Corinth]].
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[[el:Αθανάσιος ο Πάριος]]

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