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the Qur'an as corrective of Jewish and Christian scriptures?
Mmatga2me99's last edit makes a good point - this purpose of this article, in my perspective, isn't to document every crime or act of persecution perpetrated against Orthodox Christians by Muslims, or even to spend much time introducing Islam to this audience (this is important, but better done elsewhere). Instead, I think the purpose here would be to outline to scope of Muslim-Orthodox interaction. History, classical apologetics (e.g. John of Damascus) and discussion of important theological similarities and differences, martyred saints, and the Coptic situation all deserve mention, as would, IMHO, mention of Islamic approaches to other religions, especially "people of the book." {{User:FrJohn/sig}}
==Corruption of Previous Scriptures==
"'''Islam teaches that parts of the Bible have been forgotten, misinterpreted, or distorted by Christians and Jews. Given this perspective, Islam views the Qur'an as corrective of Jewish and Christian scriptures.'''"
The above is wrong. Islam itself (not Muslims) view all three scriptures to be in sync with one another. Muhammad (who had never actually read any Jewish or Christian scripture) and the Qur'an never claim the previous scriptures were physically corrupted, only misread by Jewish and Christian leaders. Some early and modern Muslim scholars (including the prophet's cousin) attest to this. The whole claim that the Bible had been corrupted was invented due to some Muslims who actually read all three scriptures were unable to reconcile the differences. Please read these pages: [ ] ['an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Corruption_of_Previous_Scriptures ] I think that section needs to be reworded. --[[User:Gabe|Gabe]] 11:15, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

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