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Timeline of Church History (Ante-Nicene Era (100-325))

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Ante-Nicene era (100-325): 236;250;257
*232 Heraclas becomes Pope of Alexandria.
*235-238 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Maximinus_the_Thracian|Persecution under Emperor Maximinus Thrax]]; martyrdom of St. [[Hippolytus of Rome]].
*236 Hieromartyr [[w:Pope Anterus|Antheros]], Bp. of Rome.
*238 During reigns of Gordian and [[w:Philip the Arab|Philip the Arab]] the church proclaims the faith openly and increasingly attracts well-educated converts.
*240 Church at [[Dura-Europos]] built (earliest identified Christian church).
*248 [[Origen]] writes in ''Against Celsus'' that the [[Pax Romana|Roman empire is a Divine Will]].
*249-251 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Decius_Trajan|Persecution under Emperor Decius]].
*250 Hieromartyr [[w:Pope Fabian|Fabian]], Bp. of Rome.*257-260 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Valerian|Persecution under Emperor Valerian]] (253-260). *257 Hieromartyr [[w:Pope Stephen I|Stephen]], Bp. of Rome, and those martyred with him.
*255-256 Three Councils of Carthage.
*258 Bp. [[w:Cyprian|Cyprian of Carthage]] martyred.

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