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Theophanes III of Jerusalem

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Due to careless financial management by Serbian [[monk]]s who lived at the [[Holy Lavra of St. Savas (Jerusalem)|Lavra of St. Savas]], Theophanes was forced to sell holy heirlooms of value to avert surrendering the Lavra and its metohion of the Archangel to the Latins and Armenians. During 1631 to 1634, the [[patriarch]] was successful in obtaining a number of [[Firman]]s from Sultan Murat that continued those of Mohammed the Pillager and Selim, thus fending off demands of the French ambassador in Constantinople.
In April 1619, Patr. Theophanes traveled to Moscow to participate in the [[enthronement]] of Metr. [[Philaret (Romanov) of Moscow|Philaret]] as Patriarch of Moscow on [[June 1]],1619.<ref>[ Georges Florovsky, ''Ways of Russian Theology'', Notes to Chapter III]</ref> In August 1620, when he was returning from a his visit to Moscow, Patr. Theophanes [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] [[Job (Boretsky) of Kiev|Job (Boretsky) ]] as Metropolitan of Kiev and other bishops, during a stop in Kiev. These consecrations restored the Orthodox hierarchy in the area that was occupied by bishops of the Unia after the [[Union of Brest]] in 1596 when Metr. Michael (Ragoza) turned to support the union.
Patr. Theophanes reposed in 1644.
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