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Platon (Rozhdestvensky) of New York

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date his service as exarch of Georgia
In 1907, he was transferred to the North American diocese, arriving on [[September 5]], 1907. Reacting to the needs of the diocese he welcomed more Carpatho-Russian [[Uniate]]s back to Orthodoxy and addressed social services by founding the Russian Immigrants Home and an orphanage in New York City. He also transferred the Metropolia seminary from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Tenefly, New Jersey to bring it closer to its main source of students and to the church administration.
In 1914, he was transferred to the [[diocese]] of Kishniece and Khotin, leaving America on [[May 20]], 1914, but shortly thereafter in 1915 he became [[exarch]] of Georgia and served until early 1917 when the Church of Georgia restored its autocephaly. In March 1917, he was appointed a member of the [[Holy Synod]] of the [[Church of Russia]]. He served in 1915 in the Second State Duma, and before the revolution of 1917, he was appointed Metropolitan of Kherson and Odessa. With the defeat of the White Army by the Bolsheviks he was forced to leave Odessa for Europe and eventually America.
===Second American term===

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