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Holy Cross Monastery (Niagara Falls, New York)

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{{Cleanup|Jurisdiction? Superior?}}{{monastery|name=The Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery|jurisdiction=[[The Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston]], [[Holy Russian True-Orthodox Church in North America(Vyacheslav)|Holy Russian True-Orthodox Church in North America]]|type=Male Monastery|founded =2005|superior =[[Archimandrite|Archim]]. [[Nicholas (IuhosIuhoş)|Nicholas]]|size =2 monks|hq =Niagara Falls, New York|language =English, some Slavonic and Romanian|music =[[Russian Chant]]|calendar =[[Julian Calendar]]|feasts =[[September 14|Elevation]]|website =[ Official website]
 '''The Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery''' is a [[monastery]] of the [[schismatic]] "[[Russian True -Orthodox Church (Vyacheslav)|Russian True-Orthodox Church" under Metropolitan Damascene of Moscow]]. Located in Niagara Falls, New York, it formerly belonged to [[ROCOR]], the [[OCA]] and the , [[Holy Orthodox Church in North America]], and [[Russian Orthodox Church in Exile#Current status|True Russian Orthodox Church]] under Metropolitan Damascene of Moscow. It was established in the year 2005 by [[Archimandrite]] [[Nicholas (Iuhos)]], built in the former Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (est. 1951).
Plans for the monastery include the organization of special spiritual retreats and lectures for those who are interested in learning more about the [[Orthodox Christianity|Orthodox faith]], [[spirituality]], the [[Church Fathers]], and much more.
The monastery plans to build a small pierogi factory to provide itself income, some of which will be used to help needy families of military personnel and set up scholarships for their children. A project to build a shrine dedicated to the Holy Cross in memory of American servicemen and women is also planned.
On June 12, 2010, Archimandrite Nicholas was consecrated bishop Bishop of Cincinatti by Metropolitan Damascene (Balabanov) of Moscow, Archbishop John (Zinovyev) of Zaporizhzya Zaporozhye and Little Rus', and Bishop Andrian (Zamlinsky) of Chisnau Chişinău and Moldova as head of the North American Vicariate of the "True Russian Orthodox Church." In 2011, he left to the Russian True-Orthodox Church under schismatic metropolitan Alexey (Bondarenko) of Moscow.
==Schedule of services==
*Saturday: 6:00pm - Great Vespers*Sunday: 9:30am - Divine Liturgy*Feastdays: 6:00pm Great Vespers on the eve of the feast, followed by 9:30am Divine Liturgy on the feastday. ==Source==* [ Сообщение о переходе архимандрита Николая (Юхош) в Российскую Православную Церковь] '''(Russian)'''* [ Архиерейская хиротония в Российской Православной Церкви] '''(Russian)'''* [ Письмо митрополита Дамаскина (Балабанова) епископу Николаю (Юхош)] '''(Russian)'''*[ РАЗВАЛ РОСПЦ(Д): Бывший епископ РосПЦ(Д) Николай (Юхош) все-таки не вступил в ИПЦ(Р): "от сатаны к диаволу", -- обличив владык РосПЦ(Д) Д.Балабанова, И.Зиновьева в алкоголизме и безблагодатности] Меч и Трость '''(Russian)'''* [ Николай (Юхош), Епископ Синсиннатский] Иерархия литургических церквей '''(Russian)'''
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