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The bishop wears the sakkos when he vests fully to celebrate the Divine Liturgy, at the Great Doxology at Matins when there is an All-Night Vigil, or on specific other occasions when called for by the rubrics such as, at the bringing out of the [[epitaphios]] on Great and Holy Friday or the cross on the [[Great Feast]] of the [[Elevation of the Holy CrosCross|Exaltation of the Holy Cross]]. At other services, he wears the episcopal ''Mantle'' (in Greek: Μανδύας, ''Mandýas'', in Old Church Slavonic: ''Mantiya'').
When the bishop is vested, which in the Russian tradition takes place in the middle of the [[nave]], the sakkos is presented to him on a tray. He blesses it with both hands, and two [[subdeacon]]s lift the sakkos off the tray, hold it for him to kiss the cross on the back, place it on him, and button the sides. The [[epigonation]], which was placed on the bishop earlier, is lifted up as the sakkos is buttoned, so that it remains visible on the outside of the sakkos. During the vesting of the sakkos, the [[protodeacon]] swings the [[censer]] and chants the Prayer of the Sakkos:

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