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Jeremias II (Tranos) of Constantinople

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With the issuance of a new civil calendar by a papal decree on [[February 24]], 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, bearing his name, its consideration and rejection was the subject of three councils in Constantinople convened by Patr. Jeremias. The councils and principal members were:
: The 1583 Council of Constantinople held on [[November 20]], 1583 with Patriarchs [[Jeremias II (Tranos) of Constantinople]], Sylvester of Alexandria, [[Sophronius IV of Jerusalem]], with other hierarchs. Issued [[Sigillion of 1583]]
: The 1587 Council of Constantinople with Patriarchs Jeremias II of Constantinople and Sophronius IV of Jerusalem and [[Meletius I Pegas of Alexandria|Meletius Pegas]], representing the [[Church of Alexandria]].
: The 1593 Council of Constantinople held in February 1593 in the Church of the Mother of God of Consolation, with Patriarchs Jeremias II of Constantinople, Joachim of Antioch, and Meletius I Pegas of Alexandria, and Sophronius IV of Jerusalem.

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