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Irenaeus (Talambekos) of Pilousion

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In 1953, he was [[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] and in 1959 [[priest]]. Between 1963 and 1972, Fr. Irenaeus served as exarch of the [[Church of Alexandria]] in Odessa. Between 1968 and 1972, he had additional duties as archivist and chief secretary of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.
In 1972, Fr. Irenaeus was elected [[Bishop]] of Nikopolis and appointed Patriarchal Warden in Alexandria. In 1976, Bp. Irenaeus was elected Metropolitan of Accra with jurisdiction over 22 countries in West Africa. He established his [[see]] in the [[cathedral]] in Yaounde that originally was built by a Greek community, but which had lost communicants as the children of the original community went to Europe of for education and did not returned. Metrreturn. Metropolitan Irenaeus found that local residents were interested in Orthodoxy and began attending the services at the cathedral. As the number of inquirers increased many became Orthodox, including visiting members of the Toubouri tribe from [[Cameroon]]. By the time Metr. Irenaeus left to become of his appointment as Metropolitan of Carthage in 1990, eight Toubouri speaking [[parish]]es had formed in Cameroon and Chad.
In 1994, Metr. Irenaeus was appointed Metropolitan of Kenya and Irinoupolis (Dar-es-Salaam). In September 1997, he was appointed Metropolitan of Pilousion. Metr. Irenaeus reposed as the result of a helicopter crash in the Aegean Sea on [[September 11]], 2004.
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