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Timeline of Church History (New Testament Era)

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== New Testament era ==
*168 BC-70 AD '''Late Second Temple period''': the main internal struggles amongst the Jews were between the [[w:Pharisees|Pharisees]] and the [[w:Sadducees|Sadducees]], as well as the [[w:Essenes|Essenes]] and [[w:Zealotry|Zealots]]. *168 BC martyrdom of the Holy Seven Maccabees, their mother [[w:Woman with seven sons|Solomonia]], and their teacher Eleazar.*167-160 BC [[w:Maccabees|Revolt of the Maccabees]] under [[w:Judas Maccabeus|Judas Maccabeus]].*165 BC Restoration of Jewish worship at the Temple in Jerusalem; the Temple is purified and the idols erected there by Antiochus IV are destroyed; the reconsecration of the Temple becomes an annual feast of dedication in the Jewish calendar, Hanukkah (the wicks of the menorah miraculously burned for eight days, even though there was only enough sacred oil for one day's lighting).
*63 BC Judea becomes a Roman [[w:Client state|client kingdom]] ([[w:Iudaea Province|Iudaea Province]] by 6 AD).
*46 BC Julius Caesar institutes [[Julian Calendar]].
*27 BC-180 AD [[Pax Romana]].
*20 BC Herod the Great begins a [[w:Herod's Temple|massive renovation and expansion]] of the [[w:Second Temple|Second Temple]] complex; treaty between Rome and Persia fixes boundary between the two empires along the Euphrates.
*ca.4 BC '''[[Nativity|Christ is born]] in Bethlehem'''; 14,000 [[Holy Innocents]] slain in Bethlehem.
*1 ''Assumption of Moses'', Jewish [[apocrypha ]] written. *6 [[w:Census of Quirinius|Census of Quirinius]]; [[w:Iudaea Province|Iudaea Province]] created under direct Roman administration with capital at [[Caesarea]], as the Romans annex [[w:Samaria|Samaria]], [[w:Idumea|Idumea]], and [[w:Judea|Judea]] ''(corresponding to the region of the ancient Kingdom of Judah).''
*18-37 [[w:Caiaphas|Caiaphas]] becomes the [[w:List of High Priests of Israel|High Priest]] of the Jews.
*ca.25-26 Death of [[Joseph the Betrothed]].

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