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Nicodemus of Jerusalem

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His Beatitude '''Nicodemus of Jerusalem''' was Patriarch of Jerusalem from 1882 to 1891.

Before becoming [[patriarch]] of Jerusalem, Nicodemus was the representative of the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre in Moscow, Russia and thus was on good relations with the Imperial Russian government. He was elected to the [[see]] of Jerusalem in 1882, succeeding Patr. Hierotheus.

His relationship with the Russian government enabled him to obtain financing for the patriarchal residence ''Viri Galilei'' on the Mount of Olives, and the nearby Chapel of the Virgin Mary. He collected and consolidated manuscripts from the old Orthodox [[monastery|monasteries]] at a central library in the Monastery of Ss. Constantine and Helena which is inside the Old City of Jerusalem.

He laid the cornerstone of the Russian [[church]] of St. Mary Magdalen in Gethsemane on [[January 21]], 1885 and [[consecration of a church|consecrated]] it on [[September 29]], 1888.
[[Image:Madaba map-800px.jpg|right|thumb|150px|Madaba mosaic map of Jerusalem]]
During his administration the first reports of the discovery of the mosaics on the floor of Church of St. George were made. However, Patr. Nicodemus was preoccupied attempting to improve the dismal financial status of the patriarchate and well as improving relationships with other Christian communities such that the reports were not a priority with him. The management of the recovery of the mosaics would be done by his successor, Patr. [[Gerasimus of Jerusalem|Gerasimus]].

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*[ Nicodemus, Greek Orthodox Patriarch in Jerusalem (1882-1891)]
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