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Miron (Chodakowski) of Hajnówka

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On [[April 10]], 2010, Abp. Miron was a member of the Polish delegation enroute to a memorial commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the Kaytn massacre during World War II. The delegation included prominent members of the Polish government including President Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, and prominent members of the parliament, ministers, other officials. Their airplane crashed while attempting to land in heavy foggy, with no survivors. The commemoration ceremonies were to include the laying of the cornerstone for an Orthodox Church at the sacred place - Kosogory - near Smolensk.
On [[April 20]], 2010, Abp. Miron was buried in the [[crypt]] of the Church of Annunciation at the Suprasl Monastery, of which he was the Father Superior. He was fifty three years old at the time of the tragic accident.
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*[ Miron died in a plane crash in Russia]
*[ There will be an Orthodox church built in Katyn]
*[ Orthodox archbishop killed in Smolensk air crash buried]

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