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Question regarding Constantius I in Romania
==Unanswered Questions==
With regard to your page on "Christianity in Romania" you mention several instances of archaeological evidence of early Christianity in Romania, tombs of martyrs, etc., but you post no references at all with regard to these important finds. It is just good practise to provide some indication as to where this information was obtained from (date, source, references to books, journals, etc.). Is it possible for the original author to provide this?
Alternative, if anyone can suggest a book or other publication which would contain more detailed information on the evidence of early Christianity in Romania, I would be extremely grateful. I am trying to research the background of the emperor Constantius I (father of Constantine the Great) who may have been born in this region (in the former Roman province of Dacia Ripensis). If anyone has any comments on his possible military background I would be very interested to hear them. Very little is known about him, of course, so I am trying to piece together a more general "type" for him. My interest in Christianity in Romania relates to the possible cotacts he, or his wife the future empress Helena, might have had.
Grateful for any constructive suggestions.
With many thanks
===St. Catherine's, Sinai and the Burning Bush?===
[[Image:BurningBush.jpg|right|thumb|The Burning Bush at Sinai]]

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