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Alexei Mechev

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Fr. Alexei died on [[June 22]], 1923 in Vereia (west of the city centre of Moscow). In 1934, when his body was uncovered, it was found uncorrupted: a mark of sainthood. His [[relics]] were then laid in a new grave. His son Sergei, who became the priest in his father's church of Saint Nicholas after him, was himself murdered in 1942.
During the period of [[August 13]] to [[August 16|16]], 2000 in Moscow, the [[Synod]] of [[Bishop]]s of the Russian Orthodox Church gave approval or blessing for the [[glorification]] and canonization of the the Royal Martyrs of Russia, as Passion Bearers, and several hundred new [[martyr]]s and [[confessor]]s. Among these Fr. Alexei was canonized into the ranks of the Saints by the Moscow Church, and his son, Sergei, was declared a New Martyr of the [[eparchy]] of Moscow. ==Sayings==Sayings of Fr. Aleksei:  *(Against envy:) Wish good to all,and thereby you yourself are saved. *Are we right to despise other people? *We cannot bear the privations, grief and woundings of our egoism, and we don't thank the Lord that He lets our spirit grow on this way. *Don't want to realise big projects, but do that to which the Lord calls you. *Make the Christian Way real not with the intellect but with the heart!

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