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Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir

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The '''Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir''' sings Orthodox Christian liturgical music in a professional and prayerful manner. The music glorifies God, expresses the Orthodox faith and opens the treasury of Orthodox music to the community.
The Spirit Of Orthodoxy Choir was established in 1997 under the direction of Alexei Aleksei Shipovalnikov. The choir consists of singers from various [[parish]]es and [[jurisdiction]]s who are dedicated to church singing and who desire to be witnesses to the faith through music.
These music selections represent the three of schools of Russian Church music and have been sufficiently translated into English. Some of the choir's repertoire has been unheard in the West. The Choir sings chiefly in English but also performs music in [[Church Slavonic]]. Their repertoire witnesses to the range and quality of the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church. Their singing is a capella, without instrumentation. This is typical of the Orthodox Church, where the human voice and soul are invaluable in worship.

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