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== Life ==
[[Image:StBishoy.jpg|thumb|Coptic icon of St. Bishoy (320-417 A.D.)]] On 8 Abib ([ Coptic month]) - [[July 15|15 July]], St. Bishoy, whose memorial is honorable, the star of the desert, departed. He was born around 320 A.D. in a village called Shansa (Shensha or Shesna), in the province of Menoufeya in Egypt. He had six brothers. His mother saw an [[angel ]] in a vision saying to her, "The Lord says to you, give Me one of your children to serve Me." She answered, "Lord, take whoever you want." The angel took the hand of Anba (Abba) Bishoy, who was thin and his body was frail. His mother told the angel, "My Lord, take one who is strong to serve the Lord." "This is whom the Lord has chosen," the Angel replied.
Later on, around 340 A.D., St. Bishoy went to the wilderness of Shiheet ('Wadi-El-Natroun' or Scete) and became a [[monk ]] by the hand of Anba Bemwah (Bamouyah or Pambo), who also ordained St. John (Yehness) the Short a monk.
When Saint Pambo died, St. Bishoy and St. John prayed for God's guidance, and an angel appeared to St. Bishoy, directing him to the site of the present monastery bearing his name, on which he was to live the life of a hermit. There, St. Bishoy became the spiritual father of many monks who gathered around him. He grew famous for his love, simplicity and kindness, as well as for his extremely ascetic life.
In one of those visions Emperor Constantine said, "Had I known how great is the honor of monks, I would have abandoned my kingdom and became a monk." St. Bishoy told him, "You have banished the heathen worship and exalted Christianity, and has not Christ given you anything?" Emperor Constantine answered him, "The Lord has given me many gifts, but none of them is like the honor of the monks."
[[Image:StBishoy-2.jpg|thumb|Coptic icon of Abba Bishoy washing the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ]] It is said that because of St. Bishoy's love for God and his desire to be with Him always, he used to tie his hand with a rope to the ceiling of his cell in order to resist sleeping during his night prayers. St. Bishoy struggled in much asceticism and many worships that made him worthy to see the Lord [[Jesus Christ]].
We are told that Saint Bishoy met our Lord Jesus Christ on several occasions. On one such occasion, he carried Our Lord, Who met him as an old man on his way, and that it is for this reason that his body remains incorrupt to this day. Saint Bishoy is also said to have washed the feet of the Lord, Who visited him as a poor stranger.

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