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I believe the Exodus Int link should be removed.
== Questionable Link ==
I am not so sure that this page should link to Exodus Int. From what I know of them and their practices, it is not inline with Orthodox treatment of individuals dealing with homosexuality. They tend rather than to preach homosexuality is a cross one will bear and fight against; the try to make the individual straight with sports for men, tea parties for ladies, and encourage them to marry to remain straight. This is dangerous and results in many broken homes in the end. While God can obviously remove a cross and grant healing in such a way, I don't believe we hold that to be typical as Exodus, Int. does. I will not remove the link myself but encourage some other thoughts and perhaps someone high ranking on the site to do so if consensus agrees. I personally know people who have been confused by the program and tried to become straight only to hurt others rather than living celibate fighting their passions.
== Note ==
Just a note to say that I appreciate [[User:Sophysduckling]]'s contribution (check history), but think it still needs work before going public. A couple notes on this: 1. I don't think we need a dictionary or Wikipedia-style definition of homosexuality here. 2. Some areas were expressed in terms of "general" feelings of Orthodox people rather than from a dogmatic perspective -- that's fine in it's own way, but the basic article should be mostly dogmatic in content. 3. Along these lines, e.g. the matter of adelphopoiese is much clearer-cut than was expressed. 4. And the issue of orientation is more complicated.

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