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Job (Osacky) of Chicago

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Archbishop Job was born Richard John Osacky in Chicago on [[March 18]], 1946. [[St._Peter_and_St._Paul_Orthodox_Church_(Burr_Ridge%2C_Illinois)|Saints Peter and Paul Church]], at 53rd Street and Western Avenue, is his home parish. He completed university studies at Northern Illinois University and, after graduating from [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)|Saint Tikhon Seminary (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)]] in 1970, he served as [[cantor]] and youth director at Saint John the Baptist Church in Black Lick, Pennsylvania. He assumed responsibilities in leading Divine Services in the prescribed manner for [[reader]]s, conducting religious education and youth work, and painting [[icon]]s. It was his extraordinary affinity with Orthodox youth that gained him the recognition of the Church at large.
In 1973 [[Reader]] John was [[ordination|ordained]] to the holy [[deacon|diaconate]] and consequently to the holy [[priest]]hood by (then) Bishop [[Theodosius (Lazor) of Washington|Theodosius of Pittsburgh]]. He was assigned to the parish in Black Lick, where he also served as spiritual director for the [[Orthodox Christian Fellowship]] at nearby Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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