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Dionysius of Zakynthos

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[[Image:Dionysioszakynthos.jpg|thumb|200px|St. Dionysius of Zakynthos]]
[[Image:DionysiosZakynthos.jpg|thumb|200px|St. Dionysios Relics's relics]]Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Dionysius of Zakynthos''' was born in 1547 on the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. Before becoming a monk his name was ''Draganigos Sigouros'' . He was educated by [[priest]]s and became fluent in Greek, Italian, and Latin. He excelled in theology, became a monk in 1568, received his first degree of [[ordination]] as a priest in 1570 as ''Daniel''; he later became [[hieromonk]] of Zakynthos and Strofades. In 1577 he was raised to [[Archbishop]] of Aegina and Poros and after a year abdicated from this dignity and settled in Zakynthos as an abbot of a monastery. In [[December 17]], 1622 he fell asleep in the Lord. He had asked to be buried in this monastery and his grave is still to be found in the chapel of St George; a dependant dependent of the monastery.
It has been found that his body remains intact and emits a mixed fragrance of flowers and frankincense. Therefore he is [[veneration|venerated]], and his sainthood has been proclaimed by the [[Patriarch of Constantinople]]. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on December 17, and on [[August 24]], the Church celebrates the transfer of his holy [[relics]].
Dionysios grants his people many blessings; and many [[miracle]]s are reported in connection with his ministry.
For example, when the [[St._Nicholas_Greek_Orthodox_Church_(New_York_City,_New_York)|Greek Orthodox Church of St. [[Nicholas_of_Myra|Nicholas]] was destroyed on [[September 11]], 2001, during the World Trade Center attack, only two things were recovered intact: a [[cross]] and a paper [[icon]] of Dionysios.
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