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Timeline of Church History (Ante-Nicene Era (100-325))

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Ante-Nicene era (100-325): 110;203
*108-124 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Trajan|Persecution under Emperor Trajan]], continuing under Emepror Hadrian.
*ca.110 ''[[w:Apocalypse of Peter|Apocalypse of Peter]]'', apocryphal work, considered Scripture by [[Clement of Alexandria]] and the list in the [[w:Muratorian fragment|Muratorian Canon]].
*ca.110-112 Roman magistrate [[w:Pliny the Younger|Pliny the Younger]], imperial governor of the province of [[w:Bithynia et Pontus|Bithynia et Pontus]], writes to Emperor Trajan for instructions regarding official policy concerning Christians (''[ Epistulae X.96]''; [[w:Epistulae_(Pliny)#Book_10|Book 10]]); the contents of the letters were to become the standard policy toward Christians for the rest of the pagan era, also containing the earliest external account of Christian worship, and reasons for the execution of Christians.
*120 Beginning of time of the Apologists: [[Justin Martyr]], [[Apostle Aristides|Aristides]], [[Tatian]], [[Athenagoras of Athens]], [[Theophilus of Antioch|Theophilus]], [[Minucius Felix]], [[Tertullian]] and [[Apostle Quadratus|Quadratus]], writing to defend the Church against internal heresies, and to defend the faith before the Jews, and before the larger pagan world, using Greek philosophic concepts and terms.
*124 Apostles [[Apostle Quadratus|Quadratus]] and [[Apostle Aristides|Aristides]] present Christian apologies to Emperor Hadrian at Athens.
*202 Emperor Septimus Severus issues edict against Christianity and [[Judaism]]; Martyrdom of [[Haralampus of Magnesia]].
*202-210 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Septimus_Severus|Persecution under Emperor Septimius Severus]] (193-211).
*203 Martyrdom of Sts. [[Perpetua and Felicitas]] in Carthage's amphitheatre.
*206 King Abgar IX converts Edessa to Christianity.
*208 [[Tertullian]] writes that Christ has followers on the far side of the Roman wall in Britain where Roman legions have not yet penetrated.

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