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I previously earned my B.A. in English Language and Literature and minors in Ancient Greek, Religious Studies, and Classical Studies from North Carolina State University, graduating in 2001.
I have a wide range of interests in various religious fields, especially regarding [[Orthodox Christianity]], [[Byzantine Chant]], [[:Category:Church History|Church History]], and [[:Category:Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saintsof the British Isles|Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saintssaints of the British Isles]]. One of my major areas of research and interest is [[Orthodoxy in America]], and I like writing articles in that area about things that I wish other people had written articles about. I'm also keenly interested in comparative religion, linguistics, etymology, English literature, and ancient languages.
I was born in Newport News, Virginia, in 1975 and currently live in Allentown, Pennsylvania, with my wife [[Khouria]] Nicole. Our first child, Evangelia, was born [[March 5]], 2007, and our second, Elias, was born December 6, 2009.
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