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[[Image:Pantokrator of Sinai.jpg|100px|Our Lord Jesus Christ]]
</div>Repose of [[Saint]] Innocent, first [[Bishop]] of Irkutsk; Saint Alypius the [[Stylite]] of Adrianopolis; Saint James the Solitary of Syria; Saint Nikon Metanoeite ("preacher of repentance"); [[New-Martyr]] George of Chios; Saint [[Stylianos of Paphlagonia]], [[monk]]; Saint Silas, Bishop of Persidos; Saints Athanasius the "Iron Staff" and Theodosius of Cherepovets, [[disciple]]s of St. [[Sergius of Radonezh ]] (see [[September 25]]); Saint Akakios of Sinai who is mentioned in ''[[Ladder of Divine Ascent|The Ladder]]''; dedication of the church of St. George the [[Great-martyr]] at Kiev
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