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Ones of first victims who were killed here were 15 monks of [[Oransky Monastery]] and their father superior Archimandrite Augustine shot in night between August 17 and 18 in 1918.
According to researchers total over 5000 clergimen and laymen were killed here in years from the summer of communist "Red terror" and repressions1918 till the end of the '30s. Some of them have been canonised and glorified as [[new martyrs New Martyrs and confessorsConfessors of Russia|New Martyrs]]. Also here other victims of political repressions were killed. Bodies of the murdered was been thrown down into the river. Now here a repentance stone cross has been erected, regularly requiems are served, and soon the church of Faith, Hope, Love, and their Mother Sophia will be built<ref>[ A collective prayer dedicated to killed Nizhny Novgorod residents held on the island of Mochalny]// [[Diocese of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas]]</ref>.
Here some names of new martyrs already having been glorified by Church, which found a place of last rest on the island of Mochalny:

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