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Paul (de Ballester-Convallier) of Nazianzus

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Bishop '''Paul de Ballester-Convallier''' (1927-1984) was a covert convert to the Orthodox Church who became the Bishop of Nazianzus in Mexico, and was [[Hieromartyr|martyred]] in 1984.
Bishop Paul was a native of Catalonia, Barcelona, and previously a Franciscan monk. Upon turning to Orthodoxy he studied in seminaries at Athens and [[Theological School of Halki|Halki]]. He was ordained in Athens as a [[Deacon]] in 1953 and as a [[Priest]] in 1954. His ministry as a priest was first in [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] (1954-1959) and then in the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]] (1959-1984). In 1970 he was consecrated titular Bishop of Nazianzus (in New York) with its seat in Mexico.

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