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input request
As an Orthodox Christian who was a Mormon for ten years (and a Mormon Elder--an office in their "priesthood"--for part of that time), I thought I might be able to expand upon and improve this article. I'll keep working on it as I am able, and as God allows. I will try to keep it relevant to specifically Orthodox issues; if anyone sees anything needing improvment in what I have written, please feel free to correct it, or bring it to my attention! -- [[User:Jimjenk|Jimjenk]] 18:47, January 26, 2008 (PST)
== Another External Link ==
Hey there, I'm first entering text on this discussion page for prior approval for an external link, and giving some disclosures (that I don't know are/not important, but might be appreciated). The link is to a video on Mormonism and the trend in about the last decade to claim it's Christian (rather than its historical denial and teaching against being Christian, and that Christianity is vile, etc. etc.); the link is here, I posted first in discussion because the speaker (James White) has been the subject of controversy in Eastern Ortho circles, having debated (many times) Roman Apologists and in those debates, touched upon subjects of interest to E.O. (and not favorably, many times, to what E.O. teaches). That said, it's a very decent vid touching on a missing topic (missing from this article), and not all the guy's material is disliked by E.O. circles (as a matter of fact some of his work I've seen E.O. Christian recommending). I thought it would be a good idea to request thought and input, being a newcomer (well, as an editor) to this wiki: to respect the community, so to speak.
Speaking, by the way, of material by that fella of interest to the E.O. community, here's one,
[[User:TheResearchPersona|TheResearchPersona]] 16:46, September 24, 2009 (UTC)

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