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Timeline of Church History (Ante-Nicene Era (100-325))

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*108-124 [[w:Persecution_of_early_Christians_in_the_Roman_Empire#Persecution_under_Trajan|Persecution under Emperor Trajan]], continuing under Emepror Hadrian.
*ca.110 ''[[w:Apocalypse of Peter|Apocalypse of Peter]]'', apocryphal work, considered Scripture by [[Clement of Alexandria]] and the list in the [[w:Muratorian fragment|Muratorian Canon]].
*120 Beginning of time of the Apologists: [[Justin Martyr]], [[Apostle Aristides|Aristides]], [[Tatian]], [[Athenagoras of Athens]], [[Theophilus of Antioch|Theophilus]], [[Minucius Felix]], [[Tertullian]] and [[Apostle Quadratus|Quadratus]], writing to defend the Church against internal heresies, and to defend the faith before the Jews, and before the larger pagan world, using Greek philosophic concepts and terms.
*124 Apostles [[Apostle Quadratus|Quadratus]] and [[Apostle Aristides|Aristides]] present Christian apologies to Emperor Hadrian at Athens.
*128 [[w:Aquila of Sinope|Aquila's]] Greek translation of the [[Old Testament]].

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