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Raphael Morgan

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He then came to England, where he joined the [[w:Church of England|Church of England]] and was sent to Sierra Leona to the [[w:Church Mission Society|Church Missionary Society]] Grammar School at Freetown. He studied Greek, Latin, and other higher-level subjects. Being poor, Robert had to work to support himself, and worked as second master of a public school. He took course in the Church Missionary Society [[w:Fourah Bay College|College at Fourah Bay]], and was soon appointed a missionary teacher and [[w:Lay reader|lay-reader]] by the Episcopalian [[Bishop]] of Liberia, the Right Reverend [[w:Samuel David Ferguson|Samuel David Ferguson]].<ref name=Oliver>Fr. Oliver Herbel. ''Morgan, Raphael.'' '''[ The African American National Biography]''' at ''''''. 1-Jan-2008.</ref> Robert later said that he served five years in West Africa, of which he spent three years in missionary work.<ref>''The Daily Gleaner''. ''[ West Africa]''. October 9, 1901. p.7.</ref>
After this Robert again visited England for private study, and then travelled to America to work amongst the African-American community as a lay-reader. He was accepted as a Postulant and as candidate for the Episcopalian [[deacon]]ate. During the waiting period, Robert again returned to England to study at Saint Aidan's Theological College in [[w:Birkenhead|Birkenhead]], but prosecuted his studies at [[w:King's College London|King's College]] of the University of London. The colleges however do not contain records of his attendance. <ref>It is probable that he academically audited the courses, attending the classes without receiving a formal grade.</ref>
===Period in the Episcopal Church===

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