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Neophytus VI of Constantinople

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'''Neophytus VI''' was [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople for two periods during the middle of the eighteenth century: from 1734 to 1740 and from 1743 to 1744.
Neophytus was born in Patmos, but after that we know nothing about his life until he was installed [[Metropolitan]] of Caesaria. His election to the patriarchal throne was aided by the Sultan's translator, Alex. Gkikas. PatrIn 1740, he was deposed and succeeded by Paisius II, but returned to the patriarchal throne in 1743. Neophytus' ecclesiastical actions were apparently unimportant He was again replaced by Paisius II in 1744, after which he returned to Patmos. He probably received his positions as patriarch as a result of the Patriarchate description intrigues that surrounded the patriarchate during the era of the Ottoman rule of his work is that he seemed Constantinople. He was noted as not to show any interest seemingly interested in ecclesiastical issuesduring his terms as patriarch. He reposed on Patmos in 1747.
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