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Apostle Onesimus

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[[Image:St.Onesimus.jpg|right|thumb|Apostle Onesimus.]]
The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Onesimus''' [[Apostle|of the Seventy]], is commemorated by the Church on [[February 15]] and along with the Seventy on [[January 4]].
After St. Philemon received the letter, he not only forgave Onesimus, but also sent him back to Apostle Paul in Rome. Afterwards, Philemon was consecrated [[bishop]] of the city of Gaza.
After the death martyrdom of the Apostle Paul, St. Onesimus served the apostles until their end, and he was made a bishop. After the death of the holy apostles he preached the [[Gospel]] in many lands and cities of Spain, Carpetania, Colossae, and Patras. In his old age, Onesimus occupied the bishop's throne at Ephesus, after the [[Apostle Timothy]]. Onesimus was the Bishop of Byzantium from the year 54 to 68. When they took St. [[Ignatius of Antioch|Ignatius the God-Bearer]] to Rome for execution, Bishop Onesimus came to meet with him with other Christians, as St Ignatius mentions in his [[Epistle to the Ephesians]].
*[ Apostle Onesimus of the Seventy] – [[OCA]] website
*[ EC-patr: Onesimus]
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